Swarovski Crystal Custom Bling Socket Cover Bedroom Decor

Swarovski Crystal Custom Bling Socket Cover

  • $80.00

Another nursery decor item that screams glamour in every way! These socket covers are meticulously encrusted with thousands of authentic Swarovski Crystals! The shine that beams off of these covers is indescribable! A stunning unique item! Make your nursery as unique as the little one that will grow in it! Teens and moms also love the look of the bling light switch cover and socket covers! Like with all my other items, the design is completely custom. If you need me to match with your specific nursery by all means feel free to let me know the design of your choice. I haven't come across a design I wasn't able to make and I strive for perfection! Let me know your ideas and I will custom make a look all your own!

  • Please allow up to 3 weeks to get your one of a kind cover made and shipped.
Swarovski Crystal Color Chart